Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is this amp good Autotek MM 4000.1D for Running 2 15" BTL's?

I want to know if Autotek really gives out the power it states at 1 ohm and i have a E39 with a stock battery which i will be getting changed and my alternator is 120 amp . How much will the alternator cost because i dont think it is good to run 4000RMS at a 120amp Alternator , is it if i have a good battery ?

I want good lows and highs and want to compete in SPL Comps in future so how many hertz should be the box and im going ported. ?

Last Question is that i have 4 Bose Stock Speakers , i was thinking of buying two Alpine speaker pairs each 100 RMS , will it be enough power to hook the Speakers to the headunit and still get enough sound with that much bass ? Pioneer PH-4900 Headunit .Is this amp good Autotek MM 4000.1D for Running 2 15%26quot; BTL%26039;s?
what r the 15%26quot; BTL's rated for with 15's you will find that they can handle alot but they don't need that much watts to get that deep clean bass sound we are always lookin for hit me up and i'll try to help if i can't find it none can manger of a radio shack in Fla. so i can find the answers you need!!!, JonIs this amp good Autotek MM 4000.1D for Running 2 15%26quot; BTL%26039;s?
yea nice find on the amp it would work great but if ur planing on doing comps i would get more than the recomended power for the subs also your box should be around 8ft^3 tuned to bout 40htz if your running the speakers off the headunit its gunna be under powered i would rec a amp for thos to evan if u bridge the headunit it still wont be enough
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  • Can a broken brake light switch cause a new car battery to go completely dead overnight?

    I've been having a problem with my car not starting. I checked the alternator. No problem. I changed to a new battery. Radio, clock, lights were all turned off. But the next day, the battery is completely dead again.

    If the brake light switch is broken on %26quot;On%26quot; position, is it possible that this could drain all the power from the new battery? How do I find out if the brake light switch is a problem?

    Thank you for your advice.Can a broken brake light switch cause a new car battery to go completely dead overnight?
    its shorting somewhereCan a broken brake light switch cause a new car battery to go completely dead overnight?
    if the switch is stuck %26quot;on position%26quot; your brake lights are on all the time

    Battery drains, ac doesn't blow, and alternator is good (supposedly)?

    Car: 96' Isuzu rodeo V6 3.2L engine (automatic transmission)

    Problem: It all started with the a/c. When one wanted to turn on the ac no air would come out from the vents.

    A day later the check engine and battery light came on the dash. We noticed that the volt reading on the dash was by 8. That being the case, both the alternator and battery were changed. Even with the new alternator and battery in place the volt reading on the dash was barely 10. So far we have taken the alternator to 2 different places and they tell us that its good, but the battery is being drained dead. If the problem is due to burned links how does one go about finding this out?

    as for the ac not blowing any air, what could the answer be? ( fan clutch?)

    is there a correlation between the ac problem and the battery being drained , or do advance auto part workers not know how to test alternators, and THATS the problem?

    sorry for the long post, your responses will be greatly apreciatedBattery drains, ac doesn%26039;t blow, and alternator is good (supposedly)?
    I own one of these and had the same problem. Being a mechanic, I had to figure it out myself. The fan does not blow until the alternator is putting out more than battery voltage (charging). I've also had alternator problems requiring three warranty replacement alternators. You probably need to get another new alternator. By the way, with the engine running, you should have 13.4 to 14.4 volts at the battery.Battery drains, ac doesn%26039;t blow, and alternator is good (supposedly)?
    Usually a battery drain like that is caused by an internal short in the alternator, it will still charge the vehicle while running but it will also drain the battery when sitting. Does the battery have enough cca for the vehicle, there are several other possiblities with the electrical system on that vehicle, if the blower motor doesn't blow at all check fuses first, and you should check them with a test light, in a worst case senario it could be a body ground problem which will take some testing or a new blower motor.Battery drains, ac doesn%26039;t blow, and alternator is good (supposedly)?
    To check the alt still on the car take a metal screwdriver and touch the back side of the alt, if it magnetizes to it then it is still good.

    As far as your A/C sounds like a short in the blower motor, and yes that could cause the battery to drain on some occasions. Hope it helpsBattery drains, ac doesn%26039;t blow, and alternator is good (supposedly)?
    You need to check your blower motor, it sounds like it just finally died. More than likely the blower motor going out and the other problems listed are coincidence. The problem with your charging system is a tough one without lookin at it personally. I would get a multimeter or voltmeter and check your battery at the terminals while it is running and see if the voltage reading is close to 14.5. Other than that I would check your fusible links, wiring, and make sure all connections are tight. You can get you a repair manual at a auto parts store too help you with this if you want. They have a lot info you can use to help. Good luck.Battery drains, ac doesn%26039;t blow, and alternator is good (supposedly)?
    check the blower motor it could be shorted and will drain the battery. the voltmeter is only telling you the battery condition.detach the blower connection and check voltage drain for confirmation before costly removal

    In India we will open and detach the +ve terminal cable from the battery if the car switches off youre alternator is blown.make sure its not touching any part of the vehicle.

    Am not liable for any damages due to this adviceBattery drains, ac doesn%26039;t blow, and alternator is good (supposedly)?
    Sounds like either a belt issue. i.e. No belt. Or Not enough tension on a belt and your pully wheels are just slipping and not catching the belt. NOTE: Make sure you install the alternator totally straight with no angle. If your alternator is just a hair off it doesn't keep the belt flow in line making it slip off the pullies and also wearing out the bearings/brushes in your alternator.

    You might want to check some relays also.Battery drains, ac doesn%26039;t blow, and alternator is good (supposedly)?
    it sounds to me like the blower motor is defective. but there are other issues too. possiblly the blenddoors are not opening and that could be bad vacuum lines but for sur e you have a draw on the battery somewhere

    that is an electrical issue and diagnostics are costly. also you might check the ac switch in the dash

    hard to say when you can not see the vehicleBattery drains, ac doesn%26039;t blow, and alternator is good (supposedly)?
    It appears you have answered your own question. The AC is the problem. Check it out.Battery drains, ac doesn%26039;t blow, and alternator is good (supposedly)?
    I am inclined to think the ac compressor may be going (seizing up) as mentioned by another and that this is causing problem. As it gets up over 2000 rpm's your are then turning things at close to the proper speed. under that and the system is straining to keep going. If your belts dont turn at proper speed you will have, 1) battery drainage ie alternator not charging. 2 No AC ie AC compressor sluggish or seized (causing 1st problem)Battery drains, ac doesn%26039;t blow, and alternator is good (supposedly)?
    unplug air ac from ac check blower with heater. sounds like clutch on ac is getting ready to seize up

    I want to get a H O Alternator?

    I have a 2001 Chrysler 300m that has a 130amp factory alternator on it. I want to change it because my lights keep dimming every time the bass hits. How big should I go as far as amps? Is there any thing else I should do? Please help!I want to get a H O Alternator?
    Consider doing the big 3 upgrade before you buy the alternator you should see a significant change. Maybe even look into an audio battery like a KINETIK HC600. What are you running as a system?

    Big 3 Upgrade:……I want to get a H O Alternator?
    you should consider getting either a capacitor or a second battery with a battery isolator.

    Alternator Problem?

    Well i reversed my cable connections and now i have an alternator issue i think. how can i check it with out taking it out. i have a 97 ford ranger 4 cylander and i was told that it might just be a fuse problem. i change my fuse link becasue that was fried. there are no fuses in the box that are fried. there are big black square ones thats say for but i dont know if they are bad because i cant see in side. i am also looking for my owners manuel mine was taking, does anyone know where to get a new one quick or free. If it is the alternator i want to change it my self, i did my cars one are they like the same? Need help ThanksAlternator Problem?
    You can go to an auto parts store and get a Hayes manual or try getting a hold of a Ford dealership ask for the parts department, they should be able to answer your questions. My husband does it all the time if he has a problem that he can't solve. Good Luck

    1.With the aid of diagram, explain how alternating current is changed to direct current in alternator.?

    with the aid of diagram!!1.With the aid of diagram, explain how alternating current is changed to direct current in alternator.?
    Come on into the shop and pay the hourly labor fee and I'll be glad to take the time to explain it to you in detail, complete with diagrams. If you don't like that deal, hit the library and research it out for yourself.

    (In other words, do your own homework. The purpose of the assignment is for YOU to learn the answers.)1.With the aid of diagram, explain how alternating current is changed to direct current in alternator.?
    Hope this helps.
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  • Noisy belt...?

    I have just has the fan/alternator belt changed on my car but it keeps making a squeeky noise (it has mainly stopped though).

    Any idea's on how to get rid of it? some people say WD-40........Noisy belt...?
    does it tend to get louder and more persistent when it rains?

    i had a belt that was absolutely obnoxious when it got wet, and i ended up putting corn starch on it to dry it out. weird. but it worked.

    i have no idea if this would work for you, but if it gets irritating enough, you might try anything.Noisy belt...?
    Under no circumstances put WD40 on it.

    You have either got a belt that is too loose, or there is a problem with one of the bearings being driven by the belt.

    I would suggest you take it back to who ever changed it and get them to check it out for youNoisy belt...?
    Check for tension first, approx 45 degree of twist. if it is set right with the engine running hold a candle to the working edge, regular cheep white candle not lit, the wax will rub onto the belt and stop the noise, repeat when required. sounds odd but it does work.Noisy belt...?
    Hello, Get a good make furniture polish Like Mr Sheen (if I am allowed to say, I am sure I will get shot if not) Mr Sheen has silicone in it, spray this on your belt, this will stop it, you may need to do it again at some point.

    Good luckNoisy belt...?
    your local auto store has a thing called belt dressing, it softens and smooths the sounds of belts. WD40 is not the answer as it is an oil and oil is bad for belts ! It will deteroritite them! Check your belts and hoses for wear every 3500 miles when you change your oil! please ask any questions. I will answer to the best of my ability (I Do Not Work At An Automivive Store!!!) (I will not give you a place to buy!)Noisy belt...?
    Its not tight enough, after a while it stretches a bit so it starts to slip and squealNoisy belt...?
    its the exhaust, u need to get a new oneNoisy belt...?
    put talcum powder on it. Just a little bit not a lot. then it will be quiet. it's just slipping a bitNoisy belt...?
    |Take it back to the garage that put it on, they haven't put it on properly. Any repairs if you aren't happy are best dealt with by them you may well make it worseNoisy belt...?
    oil itNoisy belt...?
    sounds like the belt isnt tight enough

    id bring it backNoisy belt...?
    It's either too loose or too tight! Or maybe even the wrong belt has been fitted. When does it squeak, when you rev up (loose and slipping) or all the time (tight or wrong size)

    Are you sure its the belt making the noise and not the alternator or water pump bearings?

    You dont say model/ year of car !!!!Noisy belt...?
    I have to admit that I go with the repair or replace crowd. If it is the belt then the use of a lubricant (which is what the WD40 is) might give you a temporary fix but it will not be a solution. First check the wear and tension on the belt . Then work your way through the other 'can be wrongs' until you eliminate the possibles and find the real culprit. Just start with the simple (read easy) and work through the list. But get a manual for the car (check the library if you don't want to buy one yet) even if you are not going to ever take the do-it-yourself route. If you have at least a basic understanding of the vehicle in its' possible problems and repairs it will save you a lot of time, money and frustration when you do need something done.